Earth2 LLC is becoming Change the World Before Bedtime LLC

Earth2 is a for-profit company that designs socially responsible projects, products, and events, and will launch The Imaginarium brick-and-mortar destination and nonprofit arm. In everything we do, our efforts are built around three goals: collaborating with original thinkers who are committed to social impact and equity in their own businesses, mobilizing consistent support for nonprofit partners, and boldly amplifying opportunities for courageous dreamers and entrepreneurs. Mission statement: change the world before bedtime.

Developing social impact dreams from books to products to events to fundraising initiatives to our Imaginarium building and nonprofit arm.

Our award-winning children’s book! The 2nd edition is available now at your favorite independent bookstore or online.


An anchor of our future, first floor retail at The Imaginarium. A multi-cultural market and eatery elevating a diverse group of entrepreneurs.

Our philanthropic sauce (all-natural, no added sugar, no added water, gluten-free, kid-friendly) that gives back to anti-hunger initiatives. Back on the shelves soon!

We’re inspired by Board and Advisory work and individuals and organizations that are making magic and impacting the community.

WELL” for clean water systems. “fed” for food and drink. Events and products to fund safe water projects in water-scarce destinations. To learn more or support a well fund, click here.


We partnered with all grades of a CT school to mobilize the funding of a well for Greenland Primary School in Soroti, Uganda. Even the youngest among us can make real impact!

ARTrageous brings creativity into schools, with hands-on projects, demos, and performances. It inspires students, engages teachers and local artists, and raises funds for arts programs.

We pollinate, incubate, and accelerate courageous dreamers and original thinkers. Advising, mentoring, networking, and building social capital to change the world for the better.

Artist Ben Jundanian captured our convening with CBT Architects and CollectiveNext about The Imaginarium, our future destinations for original thinkers and courageous dreamers. Learn more about Ben here.

Yes, this is a nonprofit event. We help you raise your funds and share your story. And remind you not to skip the disco balls and donut walls.

Our Change The World Before Bedtime Workshop brings nonprofits and for-profits together for bold conversations, baby steps and big leaps, and re-imagined dreams and collaborations.

Change the world…with chocolate? Our future philanthropic sweets and treats brand, brick-and-mortar and online!

Another children’s book is coming! It’s the story of a new start, a big backyard, and foster kids who discover that the best kind of magic doesn’t grow on trees. Words by Josh Chalmers, Illustrated by Karen Good.

A new children’s book about a brat. Coming soon. Story by Josh Chalmers. Illustrated by Trish LaPointe.

A flex work initiative – one day a month is a dive into personal development at The Imaginarium or off-site. Build new skills, hone a product, create art, test your boundaries. Multiply your magic.

Our Great American Treehouse for a future development project (like our Arcadia concept of socially responsible neighborhoods).

Shop like a superhero. The Tour de Pants retail philanthropy initiative is your race to buy what you love and collaborate with designers and stores to support fashion and fashion education nonprofits.

It’s cards. It’s wrapping paper. It’s fabric. And it’s your art (or your kids’ or your pets’ art) on fun products for inside and outside the home!

It’s A Building A Nonprofit Arm! A community of innovative funders connecting original thinkers + courageous dreamers to financial, physical, human, + social capital to change the world before bedtime.™