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Change the World before bedtime.

Change The World Before Bedtime – The Book!

Everyone deserves some dream-come-true moments in their lives, and having a children’s book land in the hands of kids and families and teachers everywhere is one of mine.    Inspired by my Earth2 mission statement, CHANGE THE WORLD BEFORE BEDTIME is a creative collaboration and a labor of love between three friends — author Mark Kimball Moulton, artist and illustrator Karen Hillard Good…and me, the CEO (Cheerfully Eager Overachiever) of Earth2.  Of course, we happily celebrate all the small successes of the book — kind reviews, supportive print articles, a gold medal from the Mom’s Choice Awards, and signings and readings and cherished shelf space in favorite bookstores.  But I think we all agree that the best rewards come from the kids.

The kids who write thank you notes.








The kids who share all the ways they will make the world a better place.











The kids who point our their favorite illustrations and help you see details that you forgot were there.

The kids who painstakingly write their names on the inside so everyone knows it is their treasured book.

The kids who joyfully quote rhyming lines.

The kids who create art to show us their superhero world changing powers.










The kids who say the book inspires them to think about what they will one day become.

And the kids who fall asleep reading it.











I hope that my dream-come-true moment helps all these amazing, sweet, funny, uncomplicated little readers become the playful, optimistic, belly-laughing big dreamers they deserve to be.