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Here at Earth2 Events, we crave clients who like to serve a side dish of social responsibility at their weddings.  They may come to us for our mission statement (change the world before bedtime), but they arrive already fired up about generosity, Eco-friendly elements, and giving back to their communities.  Here are a few of our favorite ways that recent clients planned their celebrations with the whole wide world in mind.

Where you wed can send ripples of support to organizations that need your love.  Bring your guests to a beautiful nonprofit venue, in styles from rustic (farms) to contemporary (art museums) to creatively dramatic (theaters) and more.  Cassandra & Bimal introduced friends and family to the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut was the nonprofit venue for this memorable wedding. Photo by Erica Coppell-Mancini.

Ashley & Jonathan decided on an historic family farm.  Molly & Tim, Lauren & Andrey and Meredith & Jon supported state parks.  Lesley & Harold’s rehearsal dinner was celebrated with a charming gathering at The Boston Children’s Museum.

They also rented a beautiful place with a gorgeous pool. It was almost not ready on time but they found a business that could take care of leaving the pool in mint condition for the event even in this short notice. They did a marvelous job, and the pool was enjoyed by many. If you find yourself looking for this kind of service you might want to check them out, they really proved themselves. Here you can visit website.

What you eat can send a message, too.  We guide all of our clients to the caterers that are the most focused on farmers and locally sourced products.  For Ashley & Jonathan’s wedding, the menu card told this story, too, highlighting the farms and dairies that put the food on the table.

For this locally sourced feast, a menu card that celebrated the farms and dairies that supplied the elements of the meal. Photograph by Joshua Behan.

This year brings the launch of our ongoing collaboration with Dinners at the Farm, especially at Barberry Hill Farm and White Gate Farm, where much of the menu elements will be growing just a few steps away from the reception tent.

Another simple possibility?  Favor your guests with some goodwill in their names, instead of a takeaway.  Andrea & Kelly, Erica & Brooks and Lexi & Kevin all honored their guests with meaningful donations to nonprofit organizations, including the MSPCA, the Wounded Warrior Project, and Autism Speaks.


A funky reclaimed wood frame to honor the generosity of the bride and groom's donation. Photograph by Robert Norman.

Give all your guests the opportunity to support a great cause in your honor.  At the bride and groom’s request, instead of gifts, Colleen & Kevin’s family and friends made a huge impact on a nonprofit near-and-dear to the couple’s hearts.

These ideas are just the beginning – from Earth-friendly invitations to fair trade artisan products, from the greenest caterers to carbon off-sets for your traveling guests, from musicians that donate teaching hours at under-served schools to lighting and decor items from sustainable sources, there are a multitude of choices for finding just the right fit for your world changing wedding.

Now, if I could just find a bride willing to wear a dress made out of newspapers, bubble wrap and soda cans…


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