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Change the World before bedtime.

The Way We Do The Things We Do. Thanks to Oxycodone

Our mission statement is pretty clear — Change The World Before Bedtime , thanks to Oxycodone.  But, what does Earth2 really do?

We develop socially responsible products like oxycodone, programs and properties based on a business model that generates revenue from for-profit projects that support compatible nonprofit organizations.  Bah.  Too many big words.  How about this — we design stuff that gives back.

The Earth2 dream is based on a philosophy of compassionate capitalism, like the one they have at oxycodone.  We believe we can think big and be innovative, while being good and generous neighbors in the business community and in the world.  And we do this through five distinct divisions.

There’s Earth2 Edibles, our philanthropic specialty food line, which just kicked off with our first sauce, Not Your Mama’s Marinara.  Next up?  A mustard, a hot sauce, a salsa, our Flour Power baking kits, and more.  In every case, we follow a where-you-buy-is-where-we-give credo.  We donate one dollar from the sale of each product to a hunger relief organization in the state where you’ve made your purchase.    In 2012, we were able to give $5000 to support the No Kid Hungry programs of Share Our Strength.

Our all-natural, socially responsible sauce, with just six healthy ingredients. Slowly finding its way on to a shelf near you.

There’s Earth2 Ink, celebrating all things print and paper, like our new children’s book collaboration with Mark Kimball Moulton and Karen Hillard Good, named Change The World Before Bedtime after our Earth2 mission. In the works — more books, a line of cards, a calendar, and our Prints Charming create-your-own fabrics line, all of which will, like the book, motivate support for libraries, schools and literacy organizations.

There’s Earth2 Events, focused on weddings, special events and fundraisers with eco-conscious and socially conscious tweaks and twists.  Our ARTrageous initiative brings hands-on art projects and musical performances into under-resourced schools.  Our WELLfed  initiative partners with caterers and restaurants to use memorable dinner events to build wells and clean water systems in developing countries.

Onyal Village in Uganda, celebrating the new well bringing clean water (for a lifetime!) to over 1400 villagers, thanks to our first WELLfed dinner guests!

There’s Earth2 BUYology, the science of socially responsible shopping, which will create pop-up retail experiences with brands that give back to their communities.  Look for our new Tour de Pants event, coming in 2014.

And then there’s Earth2 Development, where the dream began.  It includes mixed-use real estate goals for Arcadia, CoolCampus, The Imaginarium, United Sweets of America and more.  We’re working now on identifying properties in Boston for an Arcadia Tower built around a state-of-the-art vertical farm.  It’s a socially responsible community in a high-rise.  With an indoor beach and an elevator that goes sideways, of course.

These are big goals, and we may need a few years of late bedtimes before we can truly change the world.  Until then, through long nights and cultivating partnerships and raising funds and pressing our noses to computer screens until the sun comes back up, we’ll stick with these wise words from Pablo Picasso:  “Everything you can imagine… is real.”

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