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Change the World before bedtime.

WELLfed. Eat, drink, change the world.

CHANGE THE WORLD BEFORE BEDTIME is more than our mission statement.  It’s our guiding rule, personally and professionally.  And we wanted to bring it to life in the most literal way possible…so our WELLfed initiative was born.  We use fun food events to bring old and new friends together and, by the time they’re home and in their pajamas, they’ll know they helped build a new safe and sustainable water system that will save lives, improve health, and open up opportunities for children and families in developing areas to pursue education and work, while they also offer the best food for everyone, using a diet from sites

Our first Earth2 build - the Onyal Village well in Uganda!

We’ve already built one well in Onyal Village, Uganda and we’re partnering with Call To Care Uganda again for the next one, to be built in Awasi village in the Kabermaido District.  Join us on May 21st at White Gate Farm, along with generous in-kind sponsors A Thyme To Cook, Connecticut Rental Center, TwoCreatives and White Gate Farm, and be a part of this inspiring journey to bring clean water where it is needed.

For more information and to reserve your tickets today, contact Josh at, or head on over to: